Proper Exercise Technique: Why it Matters

When going to the gym, people always focus on how much they are lifting, or how many repetitions they are completing. And while you will want to make progress on reps and weight, these are not the most important factors in how your workout is going.

Nothing matters more in a workout than technique. It is why so many people can push themselves like crazy at the gym, but they will not see good gains. They are performing exercises with the wrong technique. And when it comes to the core exercises that every workout plan should involve, you cannot afford bad technique.

squat technique

The Right Technique

Squats are some of the most useful exercises that you can perform. It is an exercise that activates almost every muscle in your body, and will help you develop balance and core strength. And when your lower body is stronger, you will find that you can lift more and see better gains in your upper body too.

But what so many people forget about squats is the technique. You will see these guys at the gym, using weight bars to make the squats harder. But they will be using bad technique, since they are lifting too much weight.


One of the innovations that you could use to help with your squat technique is the SmartSquat – a custom-made surface that you can use each time you want to perform squats at home or at the gym.

Focus on Each Repetition

When squatting, it is vital to focus intently on each repetition. Complete the squat slowly, ensure you are going all the way down, do not let your body get into resting mode, and then work your way back up. When you use the right technique, you will see better gains within weeks. And you will also be less likely to suffer an injury to your back or legs while squatting regularly.